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At Ultan Technologies, we believe in absolute budgetary transparency, trust and open communications and deliver excellent customer service.

Our innovative outlook results in a constant striving for improvements in what we do, what our customers do and in what we do together.

Our software expertise is as good as you will get. We merge that with comprehensive industry knowledge in relevant areas.This combination, along with our innovative outlook, ability to partner well with customers and “can-do” attitude makes Ultan Technologies a trusted collaborator for all our clients.

Who Are We

We are a company of software, process and energy experts that are passionate about helping our clients achieve efficiencies in their operations and in their electricity, gas and water use.

As a team, we provide software solutions and expert advice that allows our customers to reduce waste, increase efficiency, cut costs and get the most value out of existing assets. 

Our software solutions are used:

By electricity, gas and water suppliers to improve their businesses.

By utility consumers to understand and reduce their usage and costs.

By organisations to collect data from employees using digital forms for the purpose of adhering to regulations, reducing waste and managing projects.

We are known for our exceptional customer service and asked our employees if they felt the same amount of support from each other. This is what they said:

We treat each other’s successes like our own. Ultan Technologies is grateful to have a diverse and inclusive group of members from many nationalities and are proud of each unique skillset we bring to the table.


“For a few years, the complexity of an integrated system was difficult. We knew the integration was a large undertaking; it was new technology we hadn’t used. Ultan Technologies were able to come in and promptly deliver an integrated solution. ”

Northgate Housing Client
Northgate Public Services

“This approach taken by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland can be highly recommended, as the centralised tool adoption (adapted from a commercially available tool) means that all public bodies are reporting the same data, which can all be compiled effectively. ”

Simon Hunkin
Interreg Europe Expert and Thematic Expert

“Ultan Technologies differed because they provided and delivered on assurances that they would work with the SISK H&S Department to build add-ons to mWorkerCIS that we needed as that would add value to other mWorkerCIS clients.

Ultan Technologies also have a great understanding of the construction sector, which helped them address our needs. ”

Kevin Cummins
BU HSE Manager East & Civils

"The company displayed a "can-do" attitude in our first meeting. We felt that they would work with us to provide us with the system that we wanted rather than try to impose their system on us. They were also very cost-effective.

We couldn't function without their customer service which is really excellent. All our guys love the fact that they can call the support desk and get a speedy response - whether it's an issue with a form, an adjustment to a form or a completely new form that's required."

Gerry Keane
HSE Manager, Walls Construction

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