Ultan Technologies – Data Capture Methods for Irish & UK Businesses


At Ultan Technologies, we believe in absolute budgetary transparency, trust and open communications and deliver excellent customer service.

Our innovative outlook results in a constant striving for improvements in what we do, what our customers do and in what we do together.

Our software expertise is as good as you will get. We merge that with comprehensive industry knowledge in relevant areas.This combination, along with our innovative outlook, ability to partner well with customers and “can-do” attitude makes Ultan Technologies a trusted collaborator for all our clients.

Who Are We

We are a company of software, process and energy experts that are passionate about helping our clients achieve efficiencies in their operations and in their electricity, gas and water use.

As a team, we provide software solutions and expert advice that allows our customers to reduce waste, increase efficiency, cut costs and get the most value out of existing assets. 

Our software solutions are used:

By electricity, gas and water suppliers to improve their businesses.

By utility consumers to understand and reduce their usage and costs.

By organisations to collect data from employees using digital forms for the purpose of adhering to regulations, reducing waste and managing projects.


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