ISO 9001-certified: Quality Management System


Ultan Technologies is proud to be an ISO 9001-certified business and is committed to sustainable and continuous growth.

All workflows, processes and quality control within our company reach this Quality Management System standard which enables us to deliver exceptional products and services.

What Does This Mean?

Compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard means continual business improvement for our employees, customers and partners. We highlight some benefits below: 

      • Structured and efficient resource management (optimal use of time, money, effort)
      • Proven track record of exceeding customer expectations;
      • Guarantee high customer satisfaction and retention
      • Consistent processes and quality customer service 
      • Confidence in business stability and information reliability
      • Quickly resolve customer/product and service issues

Ultan Technologies views the quality management system as a way of doing business. We do not treat this as just another requirement in the quality department. We see the ISO 9001 as a framework to help us implement best practices and build better systems tailored for each unique customer.

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