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Our energy performance management & utility dashboards help UK and Irish businesses manage, monitor and gain data insight and reach strategic KPIs. 


We have clients in the following industries:

Reduce energy usage through granular insights

Through the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority Of Ireland) the SensorCIS platform is already being used by every public body in Ireland. Working with SensorCIS public bodies report on energy usage on an organisation by organization basis.

This same platform can be used to track energy usage on a building basis, display measurements on real-time dashboards, compare historical usage, usage across similar types of buildings and to verify utility bills.

We have a depth of experience integrating with products such as ESRI, Microsoft Sharepoint and a wide variety of ERPs and CRMs. We work with the existing systems reducing the change management burden.

“For a few years, the complexity of an integrated system was difficult. We knew the integration was a large undertaking; it was new technology we hadn’t used. Ultan Technologies were able to come in and promptly deliver an integrated solution. ”

Northgate Housing Client
Northgate Public Services

“This approach taken by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland can be highly recommended, as the centralised tool adoption (adapted from a commercially available tool) means that all public bodies are reporting the same data, which can all be compiled effectively. ”

Simon Hunkin
Interreg Europe Expert and Thematic Expert

“Ultan Technologies differed because they provided and delivered on assurances that they would work with the SISK H&S Department to build add-ons to mWorkerCIS that we needed as that would add value to other mWorkerCIS clients.

Ultan Technologies also have a great understanding of the construction sector, which helped them address our needs. ”

Kevin Cummins
BU HSE Manager East & Civils

"The company displayed a "can-do" attitude in our first meeting. We felt that they would work with us to provide us with the system that we wanted rather than try to impose their system on us. They were also very cost-effective.

We couldn't function without their customer service which is really excellent. All our guys love the fact that they can call the support desk and get a speedy response - whether it's an issue with a form, an adjustment to a form or a completely new form that's required."

Gerry Keane
HSE Manager, Walls Construction

Citizen-centric information which enhances people’s lives.

Mobile reporting requirements have traditionally been so varied and onerous that a single form filling tool couldn’t cope. As a result, it’s been easier to stick with spreadsheets and paper forms to manage housing projects, inspections, construction and infrastructure work etc.

mWorkerCIS allows users to digitise any forms so that they can be completed in the field on tablets and phones. Once a form is filled out on our platform it can be accumulated into custom dashboards and reports for insights. Form types can be separated by access levels and departments, meaning information is accessible on a need to know basis.

At Ultan Technologies we understand systems have deep roots, that’s why we’ve build mWorkerCIS to easily integrate with the existing ecosystem using an API. mWorkerCIS, as the form filling tool of choice, helps businesses realise their goals by simplifying and accelerating their digital transformation.

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