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Manage all of your Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) forms in one place.
Gather the details from the field and generate HSE mobile forms and reports for senior management within a few clicks.

“It’s tedious to transcribe forms into Excel sheets.”

HSE mobile forms example: Capture signatures, photos, videos, GPS location, text and push forms into reports and dashboards.

Capture signatures, photos, videos, GPS location, text and push forms into reports and dashboards.

“Which subcontractors, sites, incidents cause most problems?”

local authorities

Follow up with contractors and jobs types to check on work progress and trends.

“I can’t spot trends from my historical data.”

Measure KPIs

Measure and report on KPIs to gather business insight. Track corrective actions and unplanned events on dashboards.

 Filter by projects, by corrective action type, by workflow, by sub contractors, jobs and more.



SISK Construction Client Case - HSE forms

Kevin Cummins, BU HSE Manager

“Ultan Technologies differed because they provided and delivered on assurances that they would work with the SISK HSE Department to build add-ons to mWorkerCIS, which we needed and would add value to other mWorkerCIS clients.

Ultan Technologies also have a great understanding of the construction sector, which helped them address our needs. ”

Gerry Keane, HSE Manager

“The company displayed a ‘can-do’ attitude in our first meeting. We felt that they would work with us to provide us with the system that we wanted rather than try to impose their system on us. They were also very cost-effective.

We couldn’t function without their customer service which is really excellent. All our guys love the fact that they can call the support desk and get a speedy response – whether it’s an issue with a form, an adjustment to a form or a completely new form that’s required.”

Walls Client Case - HSE forms


For over 60 years, Walls Construction has been continuously recognised and awarded for their excellence as a leading building contractor across all sectors of Ireland’s construction industry from industrial to public sector work. Walls Construction has been using mWorkerCIS to confront the burdens of their manual paper-based approach to HSE site inspections and migration to an agile, flexible and productive audit and inspection process, including their HSE mobile forms.

walls case construction testimonial

“We are now tracking all of our health and safety information on really useful dashboards and reports – which we can filter by site, sub-contractor, date range and more.”

Gerry Keane, HSE Manager

Let’s make achieving work safety and efficiency even easier – 

All in one place.

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