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Reimagine how local authorities, councils, housing associations, health authorities and other government bodies communicate with their workers in the field. Streamline in-the-field inspections and reports and reduce admin burden. We want to provide the best support for your workforce.

“Our Housing officers have to print reams of paper forms to go out on house visits.”

How local authorities benefit: Capture signatures, photos, videos, GPS location, text and push forms into reports and dashboards.

Pull info from your housing management system into digital forms. Update forms on the doorstep and have new info pushed back to other systems.

“We have several versions of forms for public asset inspection. It’s hard to get completed forms back.”

Measure KPIs

Workers have the latest versions of forms on their mobile device. Work is assigned to them to complete those forms on site and submit them from that device.

“Our accident reporting process is not as efficient and the system can be a bit slow.”

local authorities

Accident reports can be followed up automatically with root cause analysis forms and resulting corrective actions can be tracked.

Use mWorkerCIS to assign work to your people, retrieve information from their visits to your housing assets, parks, streets and your clients, and deliver accurate and up to date reports to your clients, your local authorities, citizens and management.

Continuous employee safety improvement, workplace risk reduction and creating better, safer working conditions is important to us.

That is why we are compatible with many ISO Standards, including ISO 45001 and ISO 18001.


Berneslai Homes, Northgate Client

“For a few years, the complexity of an integrated system was difficult. We knew the integration was a large undertaking; it was new technology we hadn’t used. Ultan Technologies were able to come in and promptly deliver an integrated solution… [mWorkerCIS] will allow us to reduce paperwork, double entry, and increase accuracy for our forms. Another benefit is that we will be more confident in the data submitted for the government return forms…We will definitely rely on Ultan Technologies for a while to help guide us towards our vision.”

Gerry Keane, HSE Manager

“The company displayed a ‘can-do’ attitude in our first meeting. We felt that they would work with us to provide us with the system that we wanted rather than try to impose their system on us. They were also very cost-effective.

We couldn’t function without their customer service which is really excellent. All our guys love the fact that they can call the support desk and get a speedy response – whether it’s an issue with a form, an adjustment to a form or a completely new form that’s required.”

Walls Client Case - HSE forms


Users of the Northgate Housing Management system strive for excellent service improvement for tenants, residents and leaseholders. However, the traditional paper-based system has slowed down the efficiency of house and tenant management processes across over 19,000 homes.

Our client used a combination of Northgates’ integrated housing management system, SharePoint and several other smaller systems. The combination of Northgate and SharePoint allowed the development of reports and tenant relationship forms. Yet our client missed a central piece; a mobile solution for tenant relationship form completion and tracking.

Local Authorities idea - Northgate Housing Client

Imagine an integration that improved the existing service delivery and management of the tenant relationship – all from a single mobile device.

Enter mWorkerCIS, our product built to support interactions with API integrations and file management products such as DropBox, SharePoint or other internal servers in place.

Read the full case study here

From the office to the road, we can help manage and automate any step of your business operations. This includes converting existing RSA forms or customising them for vehicle checks.  

Our team has a depth of experience integrating with products such as ESRI, Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle and a wide variety of ERPs and CRMs. Learn about how Local Authorities, Housing, Councils, Health Services and other Public Bodies are digitising their workforce to become more efficient for all.

Let’s work with the existing systems reducing the change management burden – 

All in one place.

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