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SensorCIS Software Update: Improved Data Extraction


SensorCIS Software Update: Improved Data Extraction

This SensorCIS update allows customers to automatically extract data into their own Excel templates on a regularly scheduled basis. Its benefits span across a range of industries such as commercial, residential, schools, factories, commercial and office buildings and more!

Format your data based on company needs and extract any date and time period.

The data extracted can include energy and other utility data of course.

Use the data extraction with dynamic activity metrics

Use your energy rates in the excel templates to see a daily view of what your energy bill looks like so far in any month. Other sheets in your excel template can estimate what your final energy bill for the month or year will be. Scenario modelling can also take place with this live energy data – “what will my bill look like if energy prices increase by X%?”.

Daily view of energy bills

In addition, as SensorCIS can easily be uploaded with activity metrics such as sittings in a restaurant or widgets manufactured, the data can also include these metrics and energy used per dynamic activity metric can easily be seen.

For example, it can estimate how much electricity is needed based on the number of sittings in a restaurant.

Factories can now plan to use less energy by first uploading the number of widgets manufactured (or any other activity metric) and divide the energy by the number of widgets to determine the efficiency of their processes. This can be replicated for other utilities such as water as well!

What Does This Mean For You - No Matter The Industry

  • Management and teams can receive understand simple Excel reports without logging into the system
  • Excels can also be attached to energy anomalies email alerts
  • You could use sheets in the Excel to generate invoices based on your main Electricity bill and sub-meter usage figures (E.g. for tenants in commercial buildings)
  • You can define your own ESG dashboard in Excel
  • Bill Verification (E.g. Monthly verification, including electricity rates; confirm your supplier bills are accurate)
  • Identify and track energy anomalies, so you can keep an eye on abnormal trends

How Can You Use It?

  • The first step is to:
  • 1) Pick an existing Excel template from our selection
  • OR
  • 2) We can build a custom one based on specific details. For example,how often the data extraction should run, what the system should identify, and who should receive it
  • Based on the selection, the user can configure any set of data and put it into a spreadsheet. Then, format the spreadsheet based on their needs and purpose for extraction.

What Does It Look Like In Action?

Customers have more control on how the data comes out and who it goes to. This control is good for financial, carbon, energy usage, etc  across many industries.

From a handful of meters to over a hundred meters, you can put them into a spreadsheet every week. Use charts and graphs to do reports and set filters to help narrow down on details (e.g. specific time and date periods).

If you have any questions about the system, reach out to us here or share this article with your team!