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Add More Meters Without Installing Onsite: SensorCIS


SensorCIS Software Update: Add More Data to the System Without Installing Meters On Site.

This SensorCIS update allows our customers to automatically load in data their energy and water suppliers provide them. 

This is a fast and really cost-efficient way to get more data on your buildings and assets into one system where you can slice and dice it.

Data can be retrieved from several different types of utilities – and all will appear together on SensorCIS’s dashboards.

This can improve your energy management efforts across all of your building assets:


  • Monitor several additional buildings immediately - or just start your SensorCIS account without installing any hardware.
  • Access all of the current SensorCIS functionality - dashboards, reports, alerts, virtual meters, excel outputs, etc
  • Building and Energy managers receive reports into their mailboxes from the system on a regular basis to show their usage, etc. Accountants can receive almost live bills for budgeting purposes!
  • View overall usage across all of your buildings
  • Costs are extremely low in comparison to installing meters

Low Cost

  • This is a less costly option for additional meters due to:
  • Small setup cost
  • Removes hardware, maintenance and warranty cost
  • There are no data charges as the system retrieves data directly from supplier’s portals

Which Meters are Compatible?

Electricity: Digital and Smart Meters

How It Works 

On a regular basis, our software automatically logs on your supplier’s website and downloads any new Half Hour (HH = usage for every half hour interval) data that’s available.The data is pushed into SensorCIS and appears the same way as if it came from a physical meter we installed (albeit it may be HH instead of QH).

Available data depends on your supplier. Generally, the suppliers in Ireland get the HH data from ESB Networks and make it available to the customers in a portal. The data can be a few days behind time and some suppliers may not provide it without being prompted to do so for any particular meter.

You can continue  to use existing sub meters to monitor electricity usage from inside a building if you have extra loggers installed.

Analog Electricity Meters

How It Works 

Data can often be downloaded from supplier’s websites. These are estimated, actual and customer readings.

Verify your bill readings against the Actual + usage from SensorCIS (if you have a SensorCIS meter on your main meter).

Even without a SensorCIS meter, it’s useful to have these readings in SensorCIS so you can track your usage through the actual and customer readings and compare them to other buildings.

Natural Gas

How It Works 

It works the same as the electricity meters with Natural Gas bills as long as the supplier makes readings available on their website.


How It Works 

Receive daily reads into SensorCIS from Flogas meters in their tanks. Flow meters on Flogas pipes can be very expensive, so this feature cuts cost.

Water and Waste

How It Works 

As above for Electricity. Extract usage from any supplier’s website that has usage figures. 

If required, we can also install our own water meters.

Other Usage

  • Manual reads – Email readings directly into the system in an attached Excel Sheet. These readings can be manually sent or emailed from another system.
  • Any usage can be downloaded from a supplier’s website
  • Usage can be loaded in from other systems – e.g. you may have a BMS, Energy Management System or any other system that gathers usage data – SensorCIS can retrieve data from all your systems and show it all together


Activity Metrics

You may have activity metrics available – such as covers in a restaurant, attendances at a pool, students in school, items manufactured. These metrics can be automatically loaded into SensorCIS using similar mechanisms to above and they can be used to check energy or water usage against these drivers.

Download the full PDF below to share with your team