Recertification ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Management (2022)


ISO 9001 Recertification Achieved

We are happy to announce the recent recertification of ISO 9001 at Ultan Technologies in 2022. 

Our team demonstrates and is committed to full transparency in both internal processes, policies and procedures so we interviewed the team behind the auditing process to better explain how the recertification works, external auditor feedback and the reason for any change in policy. 

ISO standardisation is about continuous improvement and the demonstration of this each year. Ultan Technologies was required to show we are committed to the process in place, which is a sustainable quality management system (QMS).

It has been a pleasure to work with impactful organisations in the process, including SEAI, Pinergy, Walls Construction, Berneslai Homes, Stevenage Borough Council, Mayo County Council, Safety Solutions and Longford Westmeath.

An internal auditor must review the QMS system and undertake review of policies and procedures to:

  1. A) Check are we still following the policies and procedures
  2. B) If the policies and procedures are still good use or are there changes we need to make such as adding or removing a step
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To do this, we have to do internal auditing. We have to randomly pick three to four policies and appoint an internal auditor in the company and go through a questionnaire with questions such as: ‘Can you show me 3 points of evidence that these policies are effective and suit your business needs’.

The Help Desk Procedure is a good example!

Our SLAs specify that all queries are handled within a specific timeframe. Evidence can look like: how many queries were sent in, any customers unsatisfied, and how many were outside of SLA.

What Does This Mean For Existing and New Clients?

The first certification is a baseline. When a company is ISO certified, it is committed to following a quality management system. Subsequent audits are more difficult as the company must show improvement from the previous one. The company must deliver both a commitment to follow standards but also proof that they have improved your standards.

"We had a very good auditing practice,” said Meena, the lead behind our recertification. “All the evidence we submitted for internal auditing was spot on. By passing in flying colours from the second audit, this means we didn't just conform to the standards but improved them.”
ISO 9001 Team Lead

This improvement is not just for our business but for clients as well. We strive to excel in our services and show continuous improvement from baseline.

Was There A Time Where We Had To Change A Process?

One of our internal auditors recommended a change in the policy for a sales procedure.

"She asked us to review the procedure and change it, because it needed tweaks so that it was suitable for new work practices. And that came up in auditing. For any breaches we have to submit a non-conformance report and state why we didn't follow the procedure and what do you do instead due to the context changing. This allows us to change the procedure."

The internal auditor looked for non-conformance and produced a document to back up the policy change. It is critical that every year we check our policies and procedures in case they are not fit for purpose.

Currently, we are working on another recertification for ISO 27001. We schedule internal auditing to review security standards and policies every year.

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