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Longford Westmeath ETB: Monitoring Energy to Help Meet Targets


Longford Westmeath ETB

Longford Westmeath ETB (Educational Training Board) needed a simple way to monitor energy for their buildings across 26 sites, including schools, offices, gyms, training centres and more. Here’s how they already spotted savings with Ultan Technologies.


  • Needed to reduce energy based on regulations. (Public sector and SEAI targets of 51% efficiency.)
  • No system (e.g. meters and dashboards) to measure energy.
  • Unable to verify bills based on usage.


Ultan Technologies noticed that energy was being used on weekends and bank holidays in schools and offices. They delivered an audit of each building and gave recommendations based on the data.

Once the installation of meters was complete, Longford Westmeath ETB had an all-in-one energy management system to help overcome each challenge.

Not only could they measure their progress and create micro targets towards government regulations, they could now verify bills and use the measured energy data to:

  • Monitor and track oil, gas, electricity and solar usage in the system.
  • Help decide when and what projects to implement and which buildings are most likely to improve based on projects. For example, insulation, change of windows, solar, thermostats on radiators and improve/upgrade boilers.

Ultan Technologies’ dashboard and reporting tools inform every decision Longford Westmeath make with their energy usage. Specifically, they use a range of dashboards like Night Usage Analysis, Weekly Comparison, Simple and Detailed Meter Usage, Comparison Usage and more.


Creating a community effort to reduce energy usage is critical. Longford Westmeath will use Ultan Technologies easy-to-read dashboards and simple interface to inform community members of their progress in initiatives, projects and usage. For example:

  • Use system for students to initiate for saving opportunities. Schools can login and see reports and see the impact of their projects.
  • School principals can access the system and use simplified dashboards to check energy data. They will have enough info to see basic information and highlight if they see any concerns.

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