Change Behaviour with Real-time Info


Discover how real-time information can supercharge behaviour change:

At Ultan Technologies, we are firm believers in the power of real-time information. We believe that if someone is continually exposed to feedback on the impact of their environmental habits, that these habits will improve. This TED Talk from Alex Laskey, the founder of O-Power does a fantastic job at summarising the work and mission statement of firms in the energy efficiency industry in real-world terms. During Alex’s speech, he states that:

“$40bn dollars per year is wasted on electricity that does not contribute to our wellbeing, but does contribute to climate change”.

Alex Laskey
Speaker (President of OPower)

Part of the problem is that society is oblivious to the negative impact their behaviour has on the world.  Alex discusses how the most powerful resource that we can leverage to create a more sustainable future is our habits.

Our goal at Ultan Technologies is to cultivate a brighter and more sustainable society by targeting the obstacles at their source, our daily habits. The issue is that people do not feel encouraged to make change as they have no evidence that they are making an impact. Our product, SensorCIS, empowers society to take responsibility for their utility usage and holds people accountable to continue making positive change.

Our software provides analytics in the form of clear dashboards and reports that are easy to digest. As a result, it has an immediate effect on user behaviour as the user can clearly identify the positive change they are making. This way, users have an answer to the common question, “How can one person make a difference?”. 

An analogy from bestselling author James Clear illustrates this well, “Imagine you are flying from LA to New York. If a pilot leaving from LAX adjusts the heading just 3.5 degrees south, you will land in Washington D.C. instead of New York.” This tiny change would make little to no difference at take-off, but over time, you would end up hundreds of miles apart. Similarly, a slight alteration of your short-term consumption habits can lead to monumental long-term change.

As Alex mentions, once the Toyota Prius introduced the energy monitor screen, which displays real-time information regarding energy usage in the form of dashboards, “former speed demons drove like cautious grandmothers”. This method of energy monitoring has produced results so significant that it has been named the ‘Prius Effect’, a phenomenon where positive behaviour change is driven by real-time feedback regarding energy usage. The following video displays the functionality of the Prius energy monitor screen.

When we build an awareness around the energy we are using and understand the impact this has on the planet, we are much more open to altering our consumption. This proves the potential of making real-time information more readily available in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

Our work at Ultan Technologies is a constant pursuit of sustainability by targeting the issue at its source, our daily habits. Real-time information displays in our SensorCIS software have produced fantastic results both short-term, through rectifying anomalies, and long term, by helping the consumer develop habits that they can continue to benefit from for years on end. 

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