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Pinergy’s Big Data


National Smart Metering Programme: Pinergy's Big Data Simplified

In 2019, the Irish Government instigated the National Smart Metering Programme where a projected 2.4m smart electricity meters will be installed across homes, businesses and farms by the end of 2024.

"In a fully smart energy market, suppliers like us will be able to provide more attractive energy propositions and solutions that will make a real difference to addressing sustainability and climate change."
Enda Gunnell
CEO of Pinergy

As a long-term Pinergy partner, we worked together to bring a solution to their clients that made saving energy simple.


Many obstacles lay in the way of rolling out smart meters.

  • A lot of extra data coming from new sources had to be monitored and controlled.
  • Many new rules and regulations added to the complexity of the smart meter rollout.
  • Design of software that would utilise this big data to provide the best user experience possible.


We worked alongside Pinergy to develop an application that displays the consumers energy usage on their phone. The app has many beneficial features such as:

  • Energy usage displayed as clear dashboards and reports.
  • 40% discount off standard tarriff rate between 6pm and 10pm
  • Consistent monthly costs - no matter the season.
  • Reduces energy wastage and helps build better energy saving habits.

Frequent communication between Ultan Technologies and Pinergy made overcoming the challenges highlighted above as efficient as possible. In addition to the application, we also assisted Pinergy in the following ways:

  • Seamlessly updated all of Pinergy's systems to meet the regulatory and operational requirements of the NSMP.
  • Designed visually pleasing and user friendly interfaces that would be siple for their customer base to use.
  • Used smart meter data to populate these interfaces with real time data that consumers could draw insights from.


Through the processes highlighted above we have helped Pinergy achieve the following results:

  • Ireland's first smart meter energy provider
  • Ireland's largest level of smart meter installation
  • 20% reduction in energy by over 32% of their customer base

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