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Full Circle Case Study

Full Circle Management Solutions Ltd is one of Northern Ireland’s fastest-growing management consultancy practices. As their work expanded with SME programs, the consultancy firm got to a stage where the contracts were growing larger and faced the challenge of spreadsheet volumes. That is when they turned to Ultan Technologies to start their automation efforts, and since then, have streamlined the entire record-keeping process across hundreds of small businesses.

The Opportunity

Over the past 16 years, Full Circle has been committed to rolling up their sleeves and improving client performance with results to prove.

Simon Devlin, Managing Director of Full Circle, understood the greater need for automation, but he was hesitant and skeptical to change due to numerous reasons, including previous software company experiences.

Full Circle’s program administration team recorded everything on spreadsheets, which led to a high volume of paperwork and information. They even experienced human errors, such as invoicing the wrong amount which was not good for business.

“A lot of our work involves the SME programs,” said Simon. “Economic development agencies pay us to deliver a program that involves 600 small businesses. So, if you were one of our clients in this program, every time we met each other, I’d need to produce a mentor record which states what we talk about and the number of hours we took. With 600 businesses and an average of 5 meetings per business, that equates to an awful lot of paper.”
Simon Devlin
Managing Director of Full Circle

“We tried on numerous occasions to automate that to make it easier but it never worked,” said Simon. “We were living in ‘spreadsheet city’.”

At the company, there was a massive range of ages, but most of the senior leaders did not have experience in IT solutions and quickly lost interest in new technologies. 

“There was this ongoing discussion in the company about the need to automate, and maybe on two or three occasions we agreed to find a solution.”

Before Ultan Technologies, they had several aborted attempts to implement software.

“People in the company found a few software companies and gave us recommendations, and despite everyone agreeing, by the time it was implemented or we were trained, there was less interest in using it. Slowly, it started to fall off and we began wasting money on each occasion.”

“We tried to adopt new technology to resolve issues but it became too painful to persevere with and the key people lost interest.”

While comparing Ultan Technologies to other IT services, Simon was particularly taken by the simplicity of the rollout and the integrations offered by mWorkerCIS. With the confidence that Ultan Technologies was able to support the automation that was anticipated for future company needs, Full Circle began using the system to reduce inefficiencies and time spent on administration.

“In contrast to a lot of technologists, Ultan Technologies was able to talk to me in a language that I understood. They had a way of explaining in very clear layman’s terms what the solution, which was mWorkerCIS, would look like and how it would be relevant to our business. There’s nothing worse than talking to a specialist in their field and you can’t understand them. It makes you not want to buy from them.” They talked to me like a 13-year-old child. Which was exactly what I wanted. I needed to understand the service and they were able to help me to do so.”
Simon Devlin
Managing Director of Full Circle

As one of the main goals of using mWorkerCIS was to bring to life the power of streamlining processes and increase project visibility, Simon implemented the system that provided the necessary insights and cut down on days of manual data entry and gathering. 

Today, it now allows them to grab client information instantly and even make their company more attractive for contract bidding due to the automation of the program. .

How We Helped

Working on numerous large SME contracts, there was one contract Full Circle won back in June and they started to use mWorkerCIS.

“It’s been revolutionary when it comes to the impact mWorkerCIS has had. We use both internal and external consultants so we have 40 consultants working on that particular contract."
Simon Devlin
Managing Director of Full Circle

Instead of having the consultants send their mentor records after each of their individual meetings to the program coordination team, they now upload them via mWorkerCIS. It takes all the information and pushes it to dashboards that highlight the details of the business on the program and the success in terms of new jobs created.

“It massively speeds up the process. It cuts our administration steps and allows us to have all the information we need from our fingertips, which originally, would’ve taken days to put together.”

Having that type of efficiency has allowed them to feel both relieved and delighted that they can spend more time on other aspects of the business.

“mWorkerCIS has proven to be a useful tool for us when we’re bidding for contracts. We can now say with confidence that we’ve automated the program administration and therefore we can provide information at any stage as required by the funders.”

Ultan Technologies holds a lot of pride in its people and friendly customer service. Simon strongly enjoyed the support and flexibility of the Ultan Technologies team.

“The support team has been really good, responsive and easy to work with. We see them more as strategic partners. By nature of what we do, we have to tailor mWorkerCIS to each contract we win. Our ability to tailor is crucial for us and means we buy more licenses from Ultan Technologies, so it’s in their interest too.”
Simon Devlin
Managing Director of Full Circle

Looking to the Future

Initially, the focus was on process automation. Since then, Simon believes mWorkerCIS has become a central part of the business. 

“As we move forward, we see mWorkerCIS as being core to how we manage and administer large programs. mWorkerCIS is going to be very important to A) how we win work B) how we deliver and master it.”

Now that all the information between internal and external teams is on the same system, Full Circle has a much clearer picture of the entire process as every single step of the program starts and finishes on the same platform.

“Ever since mWorkerCIS, the processes changed significantly because we were forced to look at what we do and how we do it in order to access to the extent of how everything can be automated. That got us to challenge our way of thinking and as a result, we were able to reduce inefficiencies. We changed our business process and as an organisation. We see Ultan Technologies as a strategic partner as opposed to a company that supplies IT services. The contracts we win are getting bigger, so the need for an online solution is important. We’re delighted we’ve worked with Ultan Technologies and it will be a long-term and successful relationship for both sides.”
Simon Devlin
Managing Director of Full Circle

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