Optimising Energy Usage with the Pinergy Lifestyle App


Pinergy Lifestyle App

Homeowners want transparency from energy providers.

With more people working from home, energy consumption has soared across the nation. Homeowners are looking for ways to manage their usage better.

We are happy to announce Ultan Technologies has helped launch the Pinergy Lifestyle App, a new interface that empowers Pinergy customers to optimise their energy usage and lifestyle decisions.

Pinergy and Ultan Technologies have teamed up to make customer information easy to access.

"Pinergy have partnered with Ultan Technologies because they’re the best in class at what they do. Ultan Technologies was a key player in the design and development of the backend production of the Pinergy Lifestyle App. The Pinergy Lifestyle App is one of the many products that will be released, all-powered by this current IT infrastructure that they built for us."
Niall Flynn
Head of IT at Pinergy

With a few clicks on your mobile device, personal insights are quicker to view. Homeowners can take action based on our colour-coded dashboards.

Also, users can check if energy was used during the discounted time and adjust their lifestyle habits.

The App shows daily, weekly and monthly filters to sort home-usage.

Want to predict energy use over the next 12 months?

We added a Usage and Budget Forecast feature that gives a personalized forecast of energy use over the next year. Compare past bill statements and usage to future predictions based on your lifestyle.

Additionally, we have the Charges Explainer feature. It breaks down each statement and payment to give a better understanding of what homeowners are paying. View all statements on the App and even gain insight on how Pinergy generates its energy through the My Pinergy Fuel Mix feature.

There are concise guides and tips on home saving tips and how to reduce energy use.

"We have worked with Ultan since Pinergy was founded. Ultan Technologies has been involved with all of Pinergy’s product launches. Ultan have had a key role in Pinergy’s automation journey and this has allowed Pinergy to grow and scale quickly. Over the last 6 years I’ve been with Pinergy, Ultan Technologies has developed reliable, resilient and dependable products."

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