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New Partnership with CeADAR


New Partnership with CeADAR

Ultan Technologies is pleased to announce the National Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence (CeADAR) as an official research partner organisation.

CeADAR is an EU Digital Innovation Hub, funded by Enterprise Ireland and the IDA. It is a market-focused technology centre for innovation and applied research in AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics. CeADAR’s primary focus is on delivering industry prototypes, and technology demonstrators to business and industry in Ireland.

Information is generated at an unprecedented pace and volume. As a member of CeADAR, we are using the expertise that CeADAR has to augment our own expertise in AI and help improve energy efficiency across our customers and the EU.

What does that look like?

“We are delighted to welcome an AI-forward company like Ultan Technologies into centre membership and are looking forward to developing a fruitful and lasting relationship with this exciting company. We are already engaged with Ultan on a number of advanced projects which will deliver it further competitive advantage in the market.”
CeADAR partnership
Edward McDonnell
CeADAR Director

Ultan Technologies has been carrying out research and development on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for several months now. Our experienced developers, data scientists and architects have developed several models that we are integrating into both our mWorkerCIS and SensorCIS products. As these products have become more successful, they are generating a lot more data. AI and ML techniques will enable us to provide our customers with tools to give them a lot more insights into the data that they are collecting.

CeADAR is one of the leaders in AI, machine learning and advanced analytics research in Ireland, exploring innovative approaches, tools and techniques to uncover insights in order to improve decision making.

We are confident that this partnership will help us quickly expand our knowledge and our capabilities to deliver better tools quicker.

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