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4 Ways to Improve Risk Control and Overcome Risk Assessment Challenges


Centralise Digital Risk Assessment Forms

In field service work, two things can be reduced. Paper volume and waiting times.

If an accident, incident or near miss happens, the waiting time before it is flagged and assigned ranges from hours, days to even weeks if not carefully monitored.

Once notified of the accident, the exchange of documentation to track the assessment progress creates more paperwork.

From whom the assessment is assigned to and the location/time, most of the tracking is done in different systems such as Excel spreadsheets, emails and phone calls.

Even when the assessment is complete, is there a system that tracks the frequency of this accident, incident or near miss? Or does the company rely on the memory of the Health and Safety workers to spot trends?

Here are four ways to improve your risk assessment workflows to eliminate paperwork all together and significantly reduce waiting times.

Dashboard of HSEQ Inspections with Count of Green, Red and Amber Items

Hands Free Check-In

Due to the pandemic, many workers are cautious of the amount of paper exchanged on site and the office.

A workflow that eliminates paper is a good way to protect workers and put their anxiety more at ease.

There are several chronological steps when reporting an accident or incident.

mWorkerCIS is a Health and Safety App where workers can complete and submit a risk assessment and centralise and automate all the required steps — no paper needed.

What does that look like…

Create and Categorise Action Lists for Accident/Incident Reporting

Within the app, the user can create action lists and different categories of actions and tasks, including the ability to review risk assessments, fix broken equipment, initiate change requests and more. The management team or worker can assign each action to an owner, start date, and target date. This includes categorising risk hazards and flag repetitions.

Automatic Triggers and Trend Tracking of Accidents/Incidents

Additionally, mWorkerCIS can group and report on all logged hazards and flag and notify workers if the same hazard has been reported in high frequencies over a specified timeframe.

The next steps are automated as this information can trigger any customised alert. For example, it can trigger a H&S inspection required alert, which creates an opportunity to decide on further investigations or audits needed and define the parameters of that action. Actions can be the investigation of the activity, site, level of training or user and can be captured on any mobile device with text, photo, video, GPS and more.

Dashboard of HSEQ Inspections with Count of Green, Red and Amber Items

Risk Assessment Templates

mWorkerCIS customizable digital forms offer different templates from any organisation’s existing forms and standard templates based on risk assessment types:

  • E.g. Task specific based, static and dynamic
  • E.g. Incident, Audit (to include but not limited to ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, ISO 9001)
  • Risk
  • Inspection (the ability to easily transfer Word/Excel existing inspections checklists)
  • Actions/tasks within these (e.g. corrective action)

Put worker safety first and optimise the risk assessment process at:

Experience the difference within a few clicks.