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Ultan Technology Attains ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation


Ultan Technologies attains ISO 9001:2015 accreditation

Software development can be complex if not handled by the right people.

So how do we identify which organisations adhere to the quality regulations? Who and what is the quality standard?

The International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) requires ongoing detailed analysis, a key set of goals and strategic planning of the development, supply and maintenance of computer software from any company seeking ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

Achievement of the ISO 9001 certification recognises the business met ISO 9001 standards and demonstrates to existing and potential clients that the management system is trustworthy and guarantees high quality. Since then, over one million users have adopted ISO 9001. Over 5000 IRCA Registered Quality Management System Auditors found a strong positive correlation between change management and improvement across businesses with ISO implementation. This means that organisations that effectively and efficiently manage change demonstrate a higher level of performance and results improvement (Fonseca & Domingues, 2017).

ISO 9001 infographic

We are happy to announce Ultan Technologies is now certified as ISO 9001:2015 compliant in Quality Management, and we can proudly say it is more than a badge of trust. The international ISO 9001 standard sets objectives and KPIs for the company to work towards and continuously improve on.

An in-depth audit of our management systems showcased high-quality outcomes and best practices outlined in rigorous ISO standards. Ultan Technologies streamlines several quality management processes such as those for information gathering and document management, staff and customer training, feedback and reporting and more.

All workflows, processes and quality control within our company reach this Quality Management System standard which enables us to deliver exceptional products and services.

We trust our processes, and this achievement reflects the successful implementations of software solutions into all of our client’s organisation.

Each team member at Ultan Technologies is highly trained and aware of quality and performance standards and supports the understanding between internal and external project members during all project phases. Our team has carried out numerous system rollouts and have supported several hundreds of users across sectors such as local authorities, housing associations, energy users and suppliers, construction companies and more. These include large companies such as Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, Berneslai Homes, Pinergy, Walls Construction and SISK Construction.

“I provided consulting services for Ultan Technologies, assessing the compliance of their existing Quality Management System against the international quality standard ISO:9001.

Central to ISO:9001 is the protection of an organisation's stakeholders through effective Governance and Risk Management. Ultan's existing project management systems and operations provided the ideal foundation for formalising an appropriate Quality Management System that aligned with the prescribed ISO:9001 framework.

Their commitment to their customers combined with a well established culture of innovation and continuous improvement played a significant role in securing their certification on the first application.”

Continuous improvement and regular training have equipped us to communicate and guide clients from different industrial backgrounds and levels of technical knowledge through new processes, IT support, implementation phases, and project monitoring. Our high-quality expectations apply to both software solutions and the people that deliver them.

What Does This Mean?

Compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard means continual business improvement for our employees, customers and partners. We highlight some benefits below:

Structured and efficient resource management (optimal use of time, money, effort)

  • Proven track record of exceeding customer expectations
  • Guarantee high customer satisfaction and retention
  • Consistent processes and quality customer service
  • Confidence in business stability and information reliability
  • Quickly resolve customer/product and service issues

Ultan Technologies views the quality management system as a way of doing business. Even before we took the ISO 9001 assessment, we never treated quality management as just another requirement in the quality department. We see ISO 9001: 2015 as a framework to help us continue implementing best practices and build better systems tailored for each unique customer.

The certification proves to potential and existing clients that Ultan Technologies is committed to quality and that we are a trustworthy partner that can guarantee excellence in our robust software development and solutions.

If you are an organisation that is looking for business growth and a committed partner you can trust, email us today at

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