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Saint John of God


Saint John of God Case Study

Saint John of God Community Services CLG is a company limited by guarantee and registered in Ireland. Saint John of God Community Services CLG operates Health Service Executive (HSE) funded services across intellectual disability, adult mental health and child and adolescent psychiatry.

As part of Saint John of God Hospitaller Ministries, it supports approximately 6,800 children and adults annually with over 3,000 staff and volunteers. Each of their services has a local management team led by a Regional Director. Central support functions are provided by departments based at Saint John of God Hospitaller Ministries Headquarters in Stillorgan, Dublin.

The growing organisation needed an easier way to collect and manage tasks going out to the field and information coming back from field staff. As teams started to expand, the paper volume from maintenance staff and the administrative duties became a burden to manage.

Management required a more efficient approach to communicating and tracking the repair and maintenance performance in the field to the office.

The Opportunity

As soon as Saint John of God Community Services (SJOG) signed up with Ultan Technologies in 2017, the administration team were immediately impressed by the simplicity and configurable nature of mWorkerCIS – especially how easy it was to convert their existing inspection and maintenance forms into mWorkerCIS format.

The Ultan Technologies team promptly rolled out a pilot programme in a couple of weeks and then tweaked the forms as the staff and support team discovered elements that needed changing. It was important that the form can be relatively easily modified and that new forms can be created without the involvement of developers. mWorkerCIS has met this requirement, and as these are configuration changes, SJOG staff have been able to continue with it themselves.

With mWorkerCIS, the organisation has discovered that the tool is extremely effective at distributing tasks for staff to inspect houses and log maintenance work and for collecting data in relation to those tasks.

The visibility from the Reports and Dashboards has been a really useful benefit. Supervisors have a clear view of the inspection progress from their laptops and workers can instantly alert the right person or flag a task if issues arise. This data can be used immediately in reports that are required for their operations management team and for regulators who inspect operations from time to time.

"The Ultan Technology staff are extremely helpful and the turnaround time for support queries could not be improved. We have 70 people using the mWorkerCIS platform and the data generated from it.”
Michelle Thunder
Regional Manager of Saint John of God

Working with the Client

At Ultan Technologies, we designed mWorkerCIS to fix inefficient processes through the use of software tools. mWorkerCIS cuts down on paper print, task completion and waiting times while adding ongoing value through visibility and automation.

Ultan Technologies carefully took the time to understand the organisation’s existing processes and resources. With this knowledge, the team was able to meet SJOG process needs with an exceptional service.

The functionality of mWorkerCIS and the seamless communication and support from Ultan Tech staff has given them the ability to create an unlimited number of mobile HSE forms for their diverse array of clients and change the questions and how questions were scored in audits.

By using mWorkerCIS and eliminating the reliance on paper and travel time between offices, their return on investment was clear. The migration to an agile, flexible and productive audit and inspection process cut admin time and delivered impressive results.

Experience the difference within a few clicks.