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Case Study: Walls Construction


Walls Construction Case Study

For over 60 years, Walls Construction Limited has been continuously recognised and awarded for their excellence as a leading building contractor across all sectors of Ireland’s construction industry from industrial to public sector work.


With growing operations nationwide and an expanding client base ranging from blue-chip international companies to indigenous Irish companies, the eruption of new projects and valued clients put them under relentless pressure to prioritise and maintain their strong health and safety (HSE) reputation at all construction stages.

health and safety inspection checklist

It was time they confronted the burdens of their manual paper-based approach to HSE site inspections.

The dependency on paper forms was causing operational headaches: Walls estimate, 10% of their working time was spent unnecessarily on the administration of their paper process per user.

Each HSE staff member was spending one full workday every two weeks handling risks and incident audits through handwritten inspections and photo-taking, followed by manually typing up the written reports in the Dublin and Cork office and downloading and re-uploading the photos.

This lengthy process led to internal and external customer invoices and reports being delayed for up to two weeks.

How We Helped

Walls Construction knew they needed an operational transformation. However, the diversity of their work as a long-established construction, project management and fit-out company meant there could be difficulties in the rollout phase and overall transition from their existing system.

The functionality of mWorkerCIS and the seamless communication and support from Ultan Tech staff has given them the ability to create an unlimited number of mobile HSE forms for their diverse array of clients and change the questions and how questions were scored in audits.

By using mWorkerCIS and eliminating the reliance on paper and travel time between offices, their return on investment was clear. The migration to an agile, flexible and productive audit and inspection process cut admin time and delivered impressive results:

  • Reduced time spent on administration by 1 full workday every 2 weeks per HSE staff member
  • Sped up the completion of reports and the creation of dashboards
  • With mWorkerCIS, Walls halved the amount of time it took to complete an audit and vastly reduced the time taken to produce all audits by 70%
  • In that period, there was a 99% uptime for the product and a 100% rollout to users

Another perk? With mWorkerCIS in place, the quality of data coming from the field was transformed.

As soon as reports are recorded onsite, the information is immediately presented in actionable executive dashboards. Walls management gets to keep their eyes on every stage of their streamlined operation; they receive daily progress updates on all projects, can spot trends faster and problem areas are highlighted so issues can be fixed promptly.

Currently, Walls Construction continues to expand its use of mWorkerCIS and are planning to roll out the following:

Phase Two Rollout

· Month END HSE Stats Report
· Corrective Actions for the Weekly HSE
· Environmental Inspection Report
· Corrective Actions for the Environmental Inspection Report
· Subcontractor Performance Monitoring
· Unplanned Event Form (Includes Near Misses, Minor Accident Reports and Accident Reports)
· Root Cause Analysis for the Accident Reports in the Unplanned Event form
· Corrective Actions for the Root Cause Analysis Form.

Laying the foundations for building contractors since 1950, Walls Construction is ready to continue spearheading the industrial and public construction industry with the most advanced operational tools such as mWorkerCIS.

With access to comprehensive and valuable insights and invaluable time-saving features of the product, the automation of the inspection pipeline has garnered more attention, focus and priority to their HSE process.

Walls Construction couldn’t have been any happier with their improved process change and greater gain of control over the health and safety of employees, contractors, suppliers, clients and the general public.

Experience the difference within a few clicks.