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SensorCIS Used to Create an Asset Register for All Public Body Buildings

SEAI Building Register

SensorCIS Used to Create an Asset and Energy-Used Register for All Public Body Buildings

The Irish Government is obliged to progress towards achieving a “B” Building Energy Rating for buildings used by the public sector by 2030 and the pressure for action is on. Energy Performance Officers (EPOs) and other leaders within the public sector are required to report on the current energy rating and energy usage of their building stock to help the Irish Government assess the retrofitting requirements. 
SEAI asked Ultan Technologies, the company behind SEAI’s Monitoring & Reporting tool, to develop software to help EPOs and others quickly gather the required information and help assessors report on the aggregate data. The team of software and energy experts in Ultan Technologies promptly developed the Building Register;

The software allows EPOs and business energy leaders to report on existing buildings.
Public bodies that have used the building register will soon have instant oversight on multiple buildings on user-friendly dashboards and reports. They can make comparisons on energy usage across buildings, carry out bill verification and track project development needs across their entire building stock
In addition, SensorCIS and its flexible nature makes it easy to share and export information with government bodies. This is the first time the Irish government will have a register of all buildings in the public sector. The Building Register has enabled the public sector to take a collective step forward towards achieving what’s outlined in the Climate Action Plan regarding tackling climate change by making public sector buildings more efficient.
At Ultan Technologies, we are passionate about helping Irish public bodies achieve efficiencies in operations and in their electricity, gas and water use. We believe in absolute budgetary transparency, trust and open communications and deliver excellent customer service to help energy efficiency gains and carbon emissions reductions.
"The Building Register system, which was developed by Ultan Technologies, had to be put in place over a short timeframe to meet specific project needs and demands. The team were able to deliver a functioning solution and associated supports in time to meet our project requirements and thus enabled the project to gather the data in a more effective and efficient manner. The system developed has provided the flexibility and functionality required to meet the varied needs of the end users."
Seamus Hoyne
Head of Development and Public Engagement at Limerick Institute of Technology and
in partnership with the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment
Additional functionality will be available to public bodies that are interested. Other organisations can also avail of this functionality.
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