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Ultan Technologies Wins Tender for SEAI Public Sector Monitoring and Reporting System


We are very pleased to announce that we won the tender for the provision of services for Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland’s (SEAI) Public Sector Monitoring and Reporting System. Ultan Technologies has proudly spent the last eight years collaboratively working with SEAI on public energy usage. Renewing this partnership means a great deal as the Monitoring and Reporting System has been a valuable service to the community:

Since 2009 all public bodies have saved over €1.3 billion on energy spend and avoided 4.6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The successful tender we entered provides further validation that the quality of our product, SensorCIS, and our related services (support, additional development, knowledge of energy efficiency tools, etc) continues to meet our client’s requirement.

We anticipate the continuous use of Public Facing Data (PFD), an online feature created by SensorCIS, will help SEAI produce their Annual 2019 Report and manage community progress on sector targets.

Former President, Mary Robinson, addressed at the 2020 Public Sector Conference that the public sector must take leadership in climate action. Citizens and local businesses look up to the public services for this type of leadership. It is the duty of the public sector leaders to understand the current market and its peers in energy efficiency. For SEAI and Ultan Technologies, this is an important route for any energy monitoring and reporting program enhanced by cloud-based meter and sensory technology. Deeper data-level access and understanding of the public bodies’ energy usage will help authorities and citizens learn from each other’s actions and progress.

We are committed to helping decarbonise our society and are excited to contribute to the sustained leadership, investment and effort in the public sector with SEAI.