We’re Not Overly Worried about Brexit: Business Post Feature


CEO, Cathal Brady, was selected out of Ireland’s SMEs to share his story earlier this month in the Sunday Business Post.

Cathal explained how Ultan Technologies first stepped into the market as a billing system for water utilities, but has now evolved into a multifaceted energy-saving platform involving deep usage analysis, consultancy services, and scenario-based insights. Some of their earliest and still existing clients have risen and became well-established energy providers such as Pinergy.

“Our approach has been to get in the door with something small, do that well and then expand.”  Cathal Brady, CEO of Ultan Technologies

The expansion into the energy market hasn’t been the only big change. How will Brexit affect the Irish company and its British customers? The Business Post was interested in knowing how Ultan Technologies planned to pivot.

“We’re not overly worried about Brexit. We’ll be fine, I think, but we’ll probably set up a base over there to help us get around any potential problems.”

Ultan Technologies appreciate the mention in the Business Post. This recognition means a great deal to the company, especially to those who worked behind the scenes. On behalf of Cathal and the team, we continue to appreciate the support for Irish SMEs.

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