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Get Angry and Take Action: Mary Robinson at SEAI’s Public Sector Energy Conference


Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) welcomed 800 public sector members through the doors of the Helix on Thursday, February 6th 2020. SEAI’s fourth national public sector energy conference has only grown over the years.

Attendance tripled since its first public sector conference in 2016. The focus on maximizing energy initiatives was taken up a notch when Ireland’s long time heroine and Former President, Mary Robinson stepped onto the stage and ignited a fire under everyone when it came to climate action.

The keynote speaker engaged the rapt audience with three key takeaways that have taken Twitter by a storm:

1. Make it personal. Change something in your life. Use your voice and your vote.

2. Get angry and take action.

3. Imagine and work towards a better world. We need to imagine this climate-stable world that we are hurrying towards.

The keynote speech ignited a fire under everyone with her speech, leaving public sector members inspired and ready to act.

CEO, Cathal Brady, and several other Ultan Technology team leaders attended the conference and were genuinely impressed by the event.

“It was really great to talk to all the public bodies that have used our SensorCIS platform to further their efforts to improve their energy efficiency,” says Cathal.

“We heard several people present on how they use the data our system gathers to track down where energy “leakages” have occurred and it is really fantastic to have assisted them in saving on their energy waste.

Mary Robinson’s speech was inspirational – her three main points of “make it personal, use your voice and your vote, hurry towards a better world” were simple, actionable takeaways for everyone in the audience.

Other notable contributions for me were the people who want to move on from speaking about the “threat” of climate change and start talking about the “opportunity” for us all. This “better world” that Mary Robinson asked us to imagine and rush towards can be a world in which renewable energy ensures a more society – well worth chasing.”

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