How Do Smart Alerts Work


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Smart alerts deliver the energy insight you need to quickly spot unusual readings on your device.

Let’s say, you didn’t realise a boiler was operating unnecessarily during a bank holiday, or the low energy usage was an early sign of a broken machine – these cases often result in additional costs, setbacks in plans and more work for everyone involved.

SensorCIS smart alerts allow you to anticipate these cases and take preventative measures.

Device Examples for Smart Alerts

This can be used for any device:

· Electricity usage

· Water usage

· Temperature

· Machine usage

· Substance monitor and more

When anything unusual occurs with the monitor, our alerts use straightforward comparisons or more complex regression tests to check for abnormal spikes or prolonged unusual spikes in energy usage.

If the reading doesn’t meet the expected usage, a smart alert is sent directly through email or SMS mobile phone or tablet notifications and into the hands of the user.

Recently, our research allows us to use AI and Machine Learning to determine when an alert should be sent.

Smart alerts can be customized, depending on the case and urgency. You can choose your timestamp details or pick a specific date and time range to run usage tests. Users can work collaboratively with Ultan Technologies on alarm details.

Details even trace back to which meter or device caused the alert, and the user can view the specific readings that triggered the alarm.

smart alerts example

This goes beyond interval meter data – our alerts can improve your ability to identify unusual readings and steer clear from costly issues.

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