Take a Peek into Our Future


Where Does Ultan Technologies See Itself in the New Year?

We got 2020 vision and aim to achieve these milestones.

mWorkerCIS Functionality

mWorkerCIS is constantly adding on new functionalities to make your work easier. We plan to include image and PDF annotations and much more. Our platform is growing at scale as the system allows large organisations to easily manage their growing volume of data, users and forms.

New Industry

We’re strutting into 2020 with a few new partnerships. Expect to see major housing associations sign up on the mWorkerCIS platform.

Team Expansion

Along with the 2019 office move, our team has tapped into a pool of exceptional talent! Watch our team expand and double within the next two years.

SensorCIS Functionality

We aim to complete new functionality to help companies achieve ISO 50, 000 include AI analysis as part of the tools available to users.

Ultan Technologies is committed to making gradual changes that will benefit the environment nationwide. Working closely with organisations like Pinergy and SEAI, the future looks brighter and greener as we help design and implement more approaches to reduce energy and waste consumption.


Thank you for your expertise and feedback over the past 12 months. We are honoured to continue working with all our existing customers and are thrilled to see what the New Year brings!

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