Our Success Story: Look Back at 2019



2019 was a successful year for Ultan Technologies – not only for our committed team, but for the people like you who dedicated your time, energy, and spirit to build your business with us.

Thanks to everyone’s hardwork, we are more than excited to announce our top 4 highlights of the year:


There’s No Place Like a (New) Home

Things change. (Like our address for instance.) We packed up our bags and moved to 6/7 Exchange Place, IFSC, Dublin 1. As a growing company, we needed more space to expand.

“We’re delighted about this office move to the IFSC. It’ll be easier for our customers to come and visit – and easier for us to take public transport to work. The larger office space will allow us to meet our growth needs over the next 5 years.

Thanks to the confidence our customers have been showing in us, we expect to double our workforce within the next two years,” says Cathal Brady, CEO of Ultan Technologies


Moving into a New Partnership

We are delighted to work with Berneslai Homes who have begun their paperless approach to home and tenant relationship management. The integration with Northgate Housing APIs was a technical challenge that we relished working on.

“For a few years, the complexity of an integrated system was difficult. We knew the integration was a large undertaking; it was a new technology we hadn’t used. Ultan Technologies was able to come into Berneslai and promptly deliver an integrated solution,” says Sue Baker, ICT Project Manager at Berneslai Homes.”

Berneslai Homes’ goal is to take ownership of their mWorkerCIS configuration and create their own digital forms with the system. They envision that these forms will help field-based staff in other areas of the organisation and are excited to see the range of mWorkerCIS forms extend and cater for different use cases within their operations.



As the platform continues to develop, companies are eager to put mWorkerCIS in the hands of their workers. Several customers have over 300 users using mWorkerCIS to simplify and improve their tasks and work life.



Ultan Technologies has been helping SEAI monitor and report the energy performance of Irish public bodies. Recently, SEAI’s good practice “Public Sector Monitoring and Reporting Programme” was published on the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform. The Monitoring and Reporting system is based on SensorCIS software.

The Interreg Europe Expert Simon Hunkin, a Thematic Expert in Low Carbon Economy, was very impressed with the good practice and reported that “This approach taken by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland can be highly recommended, as the centralised tool adoption (adapted from a commercially available tool) means that all public bodies are reporting the same data, which can all be compiled effectively.”

Separate from SEAI, we are working directly with several public sector organisations to help them measure their energy usage on a more granular level – Watch out for more in 2020!


Thank you for making our highlights this year possible. Again, we want to thank you for your support, your loyalty and the opportunity to be a part of your business. Best wishes this holiday season from our family to yours.

Thank so much for your time, energy and spirit to build your business with us.


So – where does Ultan Technologies see itself in the New Year?