Effective Integration with NPS Housing



“…It was new technology we hadn’t used. Ultan Technologies were able to come in and promptly deliver an integrated solution.” 

– NPS housing client


Updated July 27, 2021: NEC Software Solutions, formerly known as Northgate Public Services

We are excited to announce the effective integration between mWorkerCIS, our mobile workforce solution, and the Northgate Housing Management system (NPS Housing), to streamline exchanges within the tenant relationship process.

The automation benefits and the mWorkerCIS support for interactions with the Northgate integration as well as other file management products, such as SharePoint and Dropbox, allows housing teams to:

  • Quickly optimise workflows
  • Efficiently schedule jobs
  • Gain immediate access and data capture of tenant information.

These integration capabilities will allow Northgate users to improve their service delivery from the office and during house visits and gain the benefits of working exclusively from a single mobile device.

Our work with this Housing Association has emphasised the adaptability of the mWorkerCIS platform and its integration with Northgate has highlighted the skills in our workforce. It has already opened up up a large number of opportunities for us in the Housing Association and General Public Sectors,” says Cathal Brady, CEO of Ultan Technologies.

This evolving partnership with housing associations has allowed Ultan Technologies to apply our advanced expertise in API integration while also expanding our reach into new markets. It is clients like Northgate users that contribute to our company’s continuous success and growth.

We have provided more information on our projects and what our clients have to say about our collaborative work.

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