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A New Direction: CERT Tracker to mWorkerCIS


The pressure to comply with modern construction regulations has stimulated an interest in digital HSEQ solutions. There is an ever-increasing effort to ensure certification requirements are met and equipment is safe to use. Testing and examination are crucial; however, guaranteeing detailed inspections is only possible through a systematic approach to information capture, management and reporting.

In response to this need, the Construction Safety Partnership (CSPAC) developed a free online service called ‘CERT Tracker’ for companies to keep track of certifications, send reminders of upcoming inspections and centralise equipment information. With rapid advancements in the technology sector, CERT Tracker is no longer the best in class solution it once was. CERT Tracker is soon to be discontinued which creates a need for a more modern solution like mWorkerCIS.

At Ultan Technologies, we built mWorkerCIS, a Web, Tablet and Smartphone-based system to capture information in the field, improving efficiency and information quality. With mWorkerCIS, companies can manage certifications (GA1, GA2 etc.), equipment details, send automated notifications, triggers for scheduled inspections, expiry dates, etc. In addition, users of mWorkerCIS can expect to manage HSE Audits, Risk Assessments, Permits to work or build custom forms and workflows to handle unique processes. 


How to Transition from CERT Tracker to mWorkerCIS

Ultan Tech can quickly recreate a company’s existing forms and processes in mWorkerCIS, meaning users will recognise their forms and find our system familiar. Ultan Tech does this customisation as part of our onboarding work to smooth the transition process. Similarly, Asset and Equipment information can be bulk uploaded (if in spreadsheet format) or added as part of the service.



When You’re up and Running

Our ‘drag-and-drop’ editing tools are designed with the novice user in mind, making it easy for admin users to create and edit e-forms, Reports and Dashboards.

Once the user completes our mobile e-forms, they automatically sync back to the core system, saving time handling paper and re-typing data into a system. Data is then automatically displayed in custom Reports and Dashboards; our clients use these Reports and Dashboards features to track the completion of weekly inspections, spot negative trends and compare field worker performance.

Users can pull and display information in real-time and export this data in several formats such as PDF, Microsoft Excel, Word, CSV, etc.

Offline Functionality

Ultan Tech understands connectivity can be an issue, so we made sure mWorkerCIS functions perfectly in an offline environment. Users can work on their mobile devices without having to worry about connectivity or reception issues.

With mWorkerCIS, managing certification requirements and equipment safety is only the tip of the iceberg – we can help improve existing processes and information quality while saving money and time, ensuring the health and safety of your workers is the utmost priority.


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