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Cleantech Civils Construction Case Study

Cleantech Civils is a long-established Civil Engineering organisation with projects across Ireland and the UK. Cleantech Civils have completed many major projects over the years in the public, private and commercial sectors, with examples including the construction of large sewerage and water treatment plants, pumping stations, flood defence, road construction and realignment, ducting projects, wind-farm construction, and industrial/commercial buildings. Cleantech Civils are committed to their policy of Zero compromise towards Safety.


Reporting requirements and the volume of information Engineering companies are being asked to keep is ever expanding. Maintaining a robust Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental system, is required by legislation, clients, and is self-imposed by companies as an integral component essential to maintaining certifications and standards. As such, the information management burden is showing no sign of slowing down.

As a leading Civil Engineering company, Cleantech’s priority is to deliver their work safely, on time and to the highest quality. Accredited to ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 since 2010 they are committed to adhering to international standards. Prior to working with mWorkerCIS Cleantech Civils used a comprehensive paper-based system. As a company with great ambitions, always looking to raise standards to produce efficiencies they needed a technology approach to going paperless. Cleantech Civils knew a paperless approach was good for the environment, good for company efficiency and the best way to build professional client reports. However, the only way paperless would work is using a tool that was simple, customisable and scalable.

The challenge as they saw it was the time that it took to collect, collate and report on information from the field, a difficulty compounded by the fact that they are spread across the UK and Ireland. They were hoping to get a solution that could deliver a helicopter view of operations, quality and safety across Ireland and the UK.

Paperless Reporting To Increase Coordination and Insight

Ultan Technologies was able to work with Cleantech Civils to evaluate their existing paper and spreadsheet HSEQ reporting processes. Through this analysis, they established and clarified how information needed to be collected so that it could produce summary reports. The inherent flexibility of the mWorkerCIS product meant that they could digitally recreate their forms in a way that was familiar to the paper users.

In the early stages of the project, Ultan Technologies was able to do most of the heavy lifting to get the product built out with Cleantech Civils’s forms and processes.

Once the initial stages of the project were complete Cleantech Civils was able to take on the build-out of new forms using the drag-and-drop form building tools. Through training and a little trial and error Cleantech Civils quickly became proficient enough to take on full ownership of mWorkerCIS.

The falling cost of mobile devices has changed the landscape of technology being used by engineering companies. The low cost, long battery life, and ease of use of today’s mobile devices make them a more natural fit for engineering workers that are so often on the move. As mWorkerCIS was compatible with existing Android and Apple phones/tablets Cleantech Civils was able to introduce the system without having to spend a lot on new hardware.

Company Growth

Cleantech Civils now complete roughly 400 Requisition, Quality, Safety and Environmental forms a month through mWorkerCIS. Once complete these forms are compiled into customised and branded reports and dashboards for insight and client reporting. Trends are now easily spotted and early interventions taken if necessary. Cleantech Civils has created an approach to reporting that works as well for the people on the ground as it does for the Head Office. mWorkerCIS has enabled Cleantech Civils to continue to deliver pioneering civil engineering projects while ensuring Quality, Safety and Environmental information is captured, managed and communicated with the different stakeholders.

“Since introducing mWorkerCIS into Cleantech Civils Integrated Management System it has made vast improvements to the efficiency and traceability of documents. Overall this solution has assisted in the increased interaction of the workforce at all levels and promoted in line with our strategic plan a proactive safety culture across the entire business. We have been using the software for 18 months for document control for: procurement, health, safety and quality control. Cleantech Civils will continue to develop this platform as we grow as a company.”
Allan Morton
Contracts Manager

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