VIDEO – 3 Reasons Mobile Crew Timesheets Work


Before the advent of mobile technology, the traditional approach to collecting crew timesheets revolved around complex and cumbersome paper-based systems. This method relied on employees filling out forms and submitting these documents to back-office administration staff for filing and processing. Information could often be entered inaccurately, or illegible, and as a result, an already awkward system could lead to further complications and further costs to business owners.


  1. Automate crew timesheets

    By using an automated timesheet solution, construction businesses can cut out needless errors and reap the benefits of using a mobile system which cuts down on waste, guarantees a better standard of data entry, and relieves pressure on admin staff. Paper documents are by their nature awkward and inefficient, collected by crew managers and delivered in large batches to admin staff who then must check each document to ensure that data has been entered correctly. A secure, centralised data collection system which allows the user to submit digital forms via the web streamlines this entire process, ensuring a greater degree of accuracy and eliminating storage and data security concerns.


  2. Mobile clock in and out

    Using mobile technology, crew members can clock in and clock out, add notes and other media, collect signatures and maintain accurate records of times and hourly rates. Timesheet data can be stored offline, and once back in service, crew managers can sync time data for the entire crew back into the system. Safety parameters can also be established which can guarantee that only crew members with specific permissions have the ability to clock others in and out on job sites.


  3. Oversight

    An automated system also allows for enhanced oversight of crew locations and activities – real-time GPS locations can be attached to employee timesheets when crew managers clock in their crews, and while employees are on the clock. When crews and employees clock out, GPS tracking shuts off. This level of communication between office and crew managers boosts overall efficiency and increases workplace productivity.



mWorkerCIS – an efficient solution for capturing crew timesheets

mWorkerCIS is a mobile workforce management application which provides a more efficient and effective way of capturing and collating data/information for analysis. mWorkerCIS includes several elements of functionality which allow the user to attach photographs, reports, GPS locations, signatures and time stamps in order to give a much more detailed account of crew members’ work on site than a traditional paper-based system can afford. mWorkerCIS offers companies the ability to produce customisable forms which can track individual work time and keep an account of which employees are working on different projects, as well as maintaining an accurate record of hourly rates for different categories of employee.