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Choosing the right Software Development Services can be a minefield. In today’s busy IT environment, it is proving increasingly difficult for organisations in both Ireland and the UK to find the right professionals to handle their software development needs. A recently-published article in Silicon Republic highlights this difficulty, noting that within the IT sector “the continued under-supply of quality talent remains an issue for employers”. With such a dearth of expertise in the market, Ultan Technologies stands out as an ideal choice for companies looking to find bespoke software solutions with the functional capabilities to effectively meet an array of technical challenges.

At Ultan Technologies, we dedicate our time to gaining a full and comprehensive understanding of your business needs so that we can deliver solutions that add real value to your company. Our team of highly experienced system analysts, solution architects and software developers have a thorough understanding of a wide range of technologies so that we can choose the right software solution for your business. Our expertise and flexibility mean that your company will spend less to get more, obtaining the results which are required with the minimum of fuss.

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At Ultan Technologies, we have consistently demonstrated the ability to provide the functional capabilities required to meet our customer’s needs.  For example, we recently designed and built a high-quality product for Sales6ix, combining our in-depth experience of Salesforce CRM with our ability to understand business needs, hone product user experience, and surmount technical challenges. Our solution responded to the customer’s request for an intuitive, easy-to-use product by providing an integrated system which uses Salesforce CRM APIs to retrieve opportunities, leads, accounts, contacts, appointments, tasks, and more. The portal displays these opportunities in easy-to-use dashboards and reports. Several upgrades of the platform with new functionality have been deployed – each time ensuring minimal down-time for end users.

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A similarly comprehensive CRM solution was required by energy company PINERGY to ensure that their various operations worked smoothly. In order to manage PINERGY’s hundreds of sales- people and users, thousands of customers and regulatory messages, and millions of payments & meters, we developed a comprehensive CRM System using extensive customisation within Dynamics CRM. PINERGY were also faced with a number of challenges which they needed to surmount including a disorganised sales procedure, a decentralised customer database, and an inefficient metering system. Our integrated CRM solution dealt effectively with these issues by providing a system which managed the entire sales process so that PINERGY could report confidently on progress through their various sales stages, manage all meter installations, track all payments from customers and create customer statements and reports as required for their management and sales teams.

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M&R System – SEAI



In 2014, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) gave us the task of creating a data and device sensor management platform for their Monitoring & Reporting (M&R) system, with a view to meeting their EU target of a 33{86da22e325eca973b64b29bab667a77e3bf019b7ef6c971cd40523c268f1ed34} improvement in Ireland’s energy efficiency by the year 2020. SEAI’s M&R system is built on top of SensorCIS, which is our platform for managing data from meters, sensors and other input sources. The SEAI chose this system because SensorCIS could be easily customised to fit their requirements – a secure online web-based tool that allows public sector organisations to easily gather, manage and analyse their energy data.

In order to improve energy efficiency, the SEAI needed a way to measure current energy usage by every public body in Ireland. SensorCIS not only allows SEAI to monitor energy usage, it also allows public bodies to measure their performance against pre-determined baselines, similar organisations, and numerous other targets.

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KWPS – The Kelly Group

The Kelly Group – one of the UK’s leading telecommunications, transportation and utilities contractors – required a centralised data collection system to streamline their processes and provide a huge number of stakeholders with the information they needed. In response, we provided our software development services to create the KWPS product – a single, integrated system with the capacity to gather and supply all stakeholders, including the customer, with all the required information.  This gave customers, project managers and senior management the ability to save time on reports and gain better control of margins by having all information available in real time. The tailored KWPS system proved to be a highly successful solution which, due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, gave the Kelly Group a definite advantage when looking for new business.

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Software Development Services
Software Development Services

The ZoomDojo web portal is an online resource which allows college students and young professionals to access careers information. The challenge presented to us was to upgrade the relatively basic ZoomDojo website with modern user experience and intuitive, responsive functionality which would boost web traffic and transform the company’s portal for the better. Our team of analysts and developers provided expert advice on both user experience design and the look and feel of the site, while also investigating ZoomDojo’s open-source Content Management System and choice of back-end database and hosting solutions.


The benefits of our solution were immediately evident; ZoomDojo significantly reduced their reliance on developers by choosing a standard CMS solution (Drupal) and augmenting it with a comprehensive admin toolkit which allowed the customer to manage their product. This in turn allowed ZoomDojo to ramp up their marketing with confidence in a far superior product. A range of technologies were harnessed by Ultan during this process; MySQL was chosen as the back-end database for the custom components of the web app, RackSpace was used as a hosting solution for its ease of management and scalability, and development of custom admin tools and job search was done in PHP.


EDM – Software Development Services

Marketing company Local Dublin required us to design an interface to provide retailers with a mechanism to advertise high-end offers to passengers arriving on specific flights from specific airlines. Requirements of the system included ability to integrate with airline booking systems in order to retrieve passenger details, as well as the capacity to handle hundreds of concurrent transactions. Aesthetically, passenger experience with the app was extremely important; it had to reflect the premium quality of the offers aimed at customers.

Our solution was to deliver an aesthetically-pleasing web service, driven by a powerful back-end rules engine, which could offer a targeted service to passengers, depending on their demographics and destinations. The finished platform allowed for smooth integration with the airline’s booking system, resulting in minimal integration work

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The following are some examples of our areas of technical expertise:

  • Development Tools (including Visual Studio, DevExpress, Management Studio), Platforms (including Linux, Windows, Mobile platforms including Android and iOS), Languages (including C#, F#, VB.NET) and Database Stacks (including LAMP, WINS and OpenStack.)
  • OpenSource Development Capability (Data Mining, Content Management, Cloud Infrastructure).
  • 3rd Party Integration, APIs (Google API, Twitter API, Facebook API, Amazon AWS)
  • CRM Consulting and Custom Solutions (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Zoho CRM)
  • Report, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and OLAP Solutions
  • Database Design (MS SQL Server, Oracle)
  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Data Migration
  • SharePoint
  • Devices and Sensors

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Custom software development Services

The following are some examples of our areas of functional expertise:

  • Collecting data form Mobile Workforces
  • Asset tracking, workforce/service management
  • Energy Reporting
  • Metering and Smart Metering (link to case study, screenshot)
  • Process Re-Engineering
  • Maximising User Adoption
  • Business Process Automation and Management
  • Payment and Financial Software
  • Sales Team Management
  • Security

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