mWorkerCIS is Now Even Better


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Ultan Technologies has further improved mWorkerCIS by adding the following features:


  • Regular progress updates where users can now visually track progress on long running jobs at various stages of completion


  • Attaching documents to jobs in the server – this gives workers the information needed to complete their tasks while also saving on printing costs.
  • Attaching files to jobs in the apps – this feature allows to integrate easily and efficiently with annotating, planning, snagging and drawing apps.
  • Business Intelligence will allow users to define specific reports and dashboards that they want from their system.
  • Fully functional report designer to allow companies design whatever reports they like. Whilst this is useful for single-form reports, it really comes into its own by developing reports that extract meaning from a multitude of different types of submitted forms. Instead of just collecting data, you can now glean meaningful insights into what’s going well and what could be improved with the company’s operations.mworkercis-screenshot_macbookpro13_front
  • Calculated field enhancements – this allows companies design “clever” forms for doing quality checks, site audits, pricing, time-sheets and more.
  • SMS notifications – up to now notifications were sent via email. We have now added SMS notifications that can be sent when forms are assigned, submitted or are overdue.
  • Scheduling Reports – With this functionality you can design reports and configure them to be executed and sent to interested parties (e.g. management or to a client) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Very useful when management want to get an overview of what’s going on.
  • Vastly Enhanced Workflow (Actions) – This is extremely useful functionality that lots of our clients are anxious to get their hands on. Examples of its use are:
    • Snagging / Quality Assurance: A user can fill in one form and specify actions that other users should take to rectify site issues. Each action can result in a new form being automatically created and assigned to a specified user. The new form can contain details of the action to be carried out, with photos, etc.
    • Sign Off:  When a form is submitted, it can result in a new form being created and assigned to a selected user. This new form can allow the second user to sign off on the details from the first form.
    • Creating reminders: e.g. when a person’s training certifications are being tracked, reminder forms can be created a number of days before the training is going to expire. These reminder forms can collect the revised certificate details.


To learn more about mWorkerCIS or see a demo on how it works, contact +353 (1) 2530680 or