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Ultan Technologies designed and built a high quality product for Sales6ix using its in-depth experience of Salesforce CRM and their ability to understand their business, hone the product user experience, and surmount any technical challenges.

The Benefits of Salesforce to Sales6ix:

  • Smarter Sales Process:  It simplifies the CRM sales process while enhancing it with their proven forecasting methodology.
  • Customisable & Flexible Azure App:  It is a .NET web app hosted in Azure and backed by the end customer’s CRM which can reside in the cloud or on premise. The Azure app also interfaces seamlessly with a variety of other CRM software solutions which include Dynamics CRM on-line, Dynamics CRM on premise, Pivotal, Splendid CRM and Sugar CRM.
  • Single, Integrated System: 
  • The Sales6ix product uses Salesforce CRM APIs to query any Salesforce CRM database and retrieve opportunities, leads, accounts, contacts, appointments, tasks and more. The portal displays these opportunities in easy-to-use dashboards and reports.
  • Users can create new opportunities, accounts, contacts, etc. and the relevant entities are created seamlessly in the Salesforce CRM that is linked in.
  • Hosted in Azure, a multi-tenanted approach is used whereby hundreds of Salesforce CRM instances are accessed by the same Azure portal. In each case, the users log on using their Salesforce CRM credentials – so we integrated with several different authentication methods to suit all of the variations that Sales6ix customers required.


Sales6ix wanted us to develop a responsive interface for a new product. The product itself was very difficult technically and traditional interfaces for these types of products are often clunky and difficult to use. Sales6ix wanted a great design that was very simple, intuitive and quick to use.



Sales6ix have thousands of users on this product and are successfully selling it internationally. The product integrates with Salesforce, Dynamics, Splendid and many more CRMs. Ultan Technologies’ developers are expert in each of these.


  • Dynamics CRM APIs – these are used to retrieve all details from the CRM and to write back all creates and updates to the CRM
  • A variety of authentication methods
  • .NET development in Azure
  • Scheduled processes within Dynamics CRM
  • Extensive Reports
  • Entity customisations such as additional fields, forms and views
  • Form customisations using JavaScript development
  • Additional entity creation
  • Managed Solutions
  • Successfully (and seamlessly for the end users) upgrading the platform during the last two major Dynamics upgrades, including the one from 2011 to 2013.
  • Integrating with on-premise and online Dynamics CRM instances
  • Workflow Processes

Success of Dynamics CRM

With this development, it is safe to say that we extended Dynamics CRM in ways that had not been done heretofore. We encountered several problems along the way and had to solve these ourselves. There were very few more complex developments in CRM going on around the world, and other developers could not help with many of these. The customisation has been fully tested under very heavy loads – simulations of thousands of users accessing the platform simultaneously to retrieve millions of records from CRM instances were successfully tested and performance was not an issue. Several upgrades (with new functionality) of the platform have been deployed – each time ensuring that there was no downtime for the end users.