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Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland Case Study

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) tendered out for the Energy Management Reporting project and chose Ultan Technologies because our SensorCIS product was very close to what they were looking for and could be easily customised to fit their requirements. It is a secure online tool that allows organisations to easily gather, manage and analyse their energy data.


One of the primary goals of SEAI is to improve energy efficiency within the public sector by 33% by 2020. In order to achieve this, it first needed to measure what energy was being used by Public Bodies each year. Once measured, it could then report on the energy savings being made. They wanted a system that could be used both as a basic reporting portal and a day-to-day energy management tool. The first big challenge was how to get Public Bodies to report their energy data. Public bodies argued the following:

  • It’s a waste of time – We don’t see any benefit to our organisation.
  • It costs too much – In terms of resources required and time spent gathering info.
  • We don’t have the skills or know-how to do it.
  • We already have an existing in-house system used to record data.

It became apparent that the SEAI would need to build a system – the Monitoring & Reporting (M&R) system – that offered so many benefits that all resistance to using it would quickly disappear.

From electricity, gas and water usage to indoor air quality, the range of our intuitive SensorCIS technology only grows. - Energy efficiency in public buildings.
"The Building Register system, which was developed by Ultan Technologies, had to be put in place over a short timeframe to meet specific project needs and demands. The team were able to deliver a functioning solution and associated supports in time to meet our project requirements and thus enabled the project to gather the data in a more effective and efficient manner. The system developed has provided the flexibility and functionality required to meet the varied needs of the end users."
Seamus Hoyne
Head of Development and Public Engagement at Limerick Institute of Technology and
in partnership with the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment

How We Helped

Value to the SEAI (Governing Body)

  • They were able to view energy data from all public sector organisations in one online dashboard
  • It became easier to build reports of overall energy consumption in the various sectors
  • They could review glide paths towards targets and quickly spot both underperforming sectors and those who are making great progress
  • Project data from organisations that have become more efficient could be more easily shared
  • Information from the tool could also be used to support commercial initiatives

Value for the Public Bodies (end users)

  • Easy to use tool
  • Allow organisations to manage all their energy information in one place
  • Give them a common platform to communicate and showcase their achievements
  • Allow them to measure their progress against previous performance
  • It’s incredibly straightforward for users to report their data to a governing body

The Modified SensorCIS: Ultan Technologies developed add-ons to its SensorCIS platform in order to support the SEAI’s M&R programme. The SensorCIS platform is a complex system that manages to extract the required information from the Public Sector bodies and present it in a way that encourages people to increase their efforts to achieve energy efficiencies.

Centralised Monitoring & Reporting Tool: Real-time progress updates from a centralised system that makes it easy for SEAI and end- users to assess their usage and provide detailed, customised reports.

SensorCIS has been an integral contributor to the success of the SEAI M&R project. There is abundant evidence for the success of this software in the SEAI Annual Report which has recently been published. See Report . The secure and reliable platform of SensorCIS has strengthened SEAI’s loyalty to Ultan Technologies products & services. Ultan Technologies was awarded another tender for the provision of services for SEAI’s Public Sector Monitoring and Reporting System.

As of January 2020, we are very pleased to announce that we won the tender for the provision of services for Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland’s (SEAI) Public Sector Monitoring and Reporting System. We anticipate the continuous use of Public Facing Data (PFD), an online feature created by SensorCIS, will help SEAI produce their Annual 2019 Report and manage community progress on sector targets.

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