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Case study: BT



Achieving: How mWorkerCIS helped BT track 100,000 Communication Hubs

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  • Asset Tracking: Can track its £10 million worth of assets from the factory to installation
  • Assign Responsibility: Workers are assigned responsibility for tasks, equipment and inventory
  • Increased Productivity: By monitoring mobile workers’ job status and providing them with the correct equipment, productivity and efficiency have increased
  • Improved Reporting: Stakeholders can access reports in real-time and all in one location


BT required a system which would allow them to track work being carried out by their mobile workers whilst updating the status and location of a plethora of expensive communications equipment across their 100,000 UK hubs.

Their situation presented certain challenges:

  • Employee and Asset Tracking: BT had no way of holding employees responsible for inventory. In addition, they were unable to map their communication hubs, making maintenance services inefficient.
  • Poor Stakeholder Communication: Top level visibility was compromised and management was often unsure of equipment and worker statuses. In addition, progress reports were not easily accessible.
  • Over-reliance on Paper Forms: Information filled out on paper forms was then re-entered by back office staff resulting in unnecessary double-entry of data.
  • Inaccurate, Late and Missing Data: Information such as equipment location and vital records such as service histories and the warranty status of each hub were sometimes unrecorded or inaccurate.

Solution:  mWorkerCIS

BT 1

A single, mobile, integrated system which gathers and supplies all required information to all stakeholders including the customer.

  • Before leaving the depot, workers can use the integrated bar code scanner to record inventory and ensure that the correct levels are on-board.
  • When on-site, workers use the mobile app to fill out customised forms that are assigned to them, eliminating double entry of data and reducing manual data entry errors.
  • Geo and time tagged reports are available to stakeholders in real-time or as soon as data connection is available.