Developing a New Marketing Platform for Local Dublin




“Ultan Technologies have been crucial in the development of our product from conception through to finished delivery and have provided essential advice on all aspects of the User Interface. We also see them as a business partner who will be able to continue contributing in this way as we scale internationally.”

Peter Devlin, CEO at Local Dublin


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DUBLIN LOCAL 1             Dublin Local 5

  • Target-Marketing Feature: Passengers are notified of high-end offers particular to their destination and their journey dates.
  • Brand Showcasing: Retailers get an increased profile with customers of their chosen demographic.
  • More Profit:  Airlines have a new revenue stream


Local-Dublin wanted to provide retailers with a mechanism to advertise high end offers to passengers arriving on specific flights from specific airlines.

  • Customer Data Retrieval:  The system had to integrate with Airline booking systems in order to retrieve passenger details.
  • Multiple Transaction Function: It had to be able to handle hundreds of concurrent transactions.
  • Stylish Appeal: Aesthetically, the passenger experience with the app was extremely important. It had to reflect the premium quality of the offers that are catered to upscale customers.


DUBLIN LOCAL 3           Dublin Locl 6

  • Fully Integrated Offers Platform: Ultan Technologies designed, architected, developed, tested and delivered an aesthetically pleasing web service powered by a powerful back-end rules engine.
  • Targeted Service: This delivers specific offers to passengers, depending on their demographics and their destinations.
  • High End Comfort: The elite passenger enjoys exclusive treatment as they experience tasteful luxury in all their interactions.
  • Smooth Integration: The interaction with the Airline’s booking system has been designed to allow minimal integration work.