Case Studies

Case Study: Merrion Fertility Clinic



“We have been working with Ultan Technologies since September 2014 and they have provided a very consistent, accessible and flexible service. Cathal and his team make every effort to understand our organisation and its priorities and have the ability to interpret our strategic and operational ICT needs making them a valuable business partner to the Clinic.”

Carol McGee, General Manager, Merrion Fertility Clinic


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  • Enhanced user experience with new well-designed web layout
  • More responsive and SEO-optimised website
  • Increased visitor numbers
  • New platform allows Merrion Fertility Clinic staff to modify their own website
  • Platform can grow modularly to accommodate some complex future requirements


Merrion Fertility Clinic a non-profit reproductive care facility, required the following:

  • Modular Website: Merrion Fertility Clinic have plans to increase the functionality available to their customers so they wanted a website that could grow modularly and accommodate that complexity.
  • Simplify Web Maintenance: While accommodating complex functionality was an essential requirement, they also wanted to ensure that their non-IT staff could maintain the content of their website.


Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 09.35.42


  • Efficient Software Support: Backed by experienced developers, Merrion Fertility Clinic was provided with the required software that efficiently overhauled and reconstructed the website.
  • Responsive Website: In conjunction with Merrion Fertility Clinic’s chosen designers, we developed a new “look and feel” for their digital communications. This was incorporated into the website and it is now device-responsive and optimised for SEO.
  • Adaptable Platform: Merrion Fertility Clinic can easily modify their website as needed.
  • Merrion Fertility Clinic are already having complex enhancements developed. These will not impact the underlying platform.