PINERGY Tracks Sales Through mWorkerCIS




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  • Simple Data Collection System
  • Integrated Sales Monitoring & Reporting System
  • Customer signatures on every sale
  • Real time sales information available
  • Proof of sale available
  • Photos of required documents
  • Adherence to regulatory requirements


When sales people get new customers to switch to PINERGY, they have to undergo a cumbersome process that needed to be rectified immediately:

  • Paper-Format Forms Filling in very long forms in writing was tedious and very inconvenient.
  • Overload of Requirements There were too many mandatory items to deal with such as document scans and signatures.
  • Inaccurate Data Unnecessary errors, duplications, and oversights were inevitable.
  • Lost Sales The time-consuming process resulted to incomplete requirements and lost customers.

Solution – mWorkerCIS

Mwmap_ipadmini_white_portraitA Reliable, Fully Integrated System: A mobile, integrated system which gathers and supplies accurate information to all stakeholders.

No Wasted Resources: The sales form was created in the back office and was then immediately available for mobile workers to complete on site using their tablets.

Customisable Tools: The required forms allow sales people to take photos, scan documents and and get signatures and then send them back for processing instantly.

Efficient Sales Monitoring & Management System: Tracking sales locations and purchasing trends enable managers to analyse the market and conduct strategic planning