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Navigate operational challenges, while improving efficiency, through real-time Quality and Safety information.

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A one-stop-shop for all your mobile reporting


Using paper and spreadsheets reports for mobile workforce management creates a large admin burden. Getting all your forms (regardless of form type) into a one-stop-shop system will make your reporting easier and more accurate. We’re not just a software tool, we’re also a service; the Ultan Technologies Team can recreate your existing forms in our mobile reporting tool to make collection and accumulation easier.


Working with your Operational, HSE and Quality teams we can reduce the reliance on paper reports coming from the field.


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Improve efficiencies through real-time access to data from the field


You need to get information from your mobile workforce into reports for handover to clients. In a time when margins are low, the volumes and standards of reports which customers expect are higher than ever. mWorkerCIS allows all information to be submitted electronically in real-time, with or without an internet connection. This provides real-time oversight into mobile workforce management, project efficiency, and the ability to generate quicker and more accurate reports.


We can digitise all of your existing paper checklists and forms, so you can conduct inspections in half the time and instantly relay real-time information back to head office.


Make it your own!


Standards are continually changing, and as a result, so must your forms and reports. The ability to edit your HSEQ forms and system is extremely useful.  Most construction companies have a large number of custom paper or spreadsheet forms in a variety of systems.


mWorkerCIS allows us to digitally recreate existing forms to exact specifications.


Our clients have access to Drag-and-Drop tools so they can edit and create their own forms. If they don’t have sufficient time available to them, the team at Ultan Technologies can perform these services for them.


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Greater insights


Water, Electricity or Gas utilities are often constrained by the limitations of their existing infrastructure. As such, getting access to the levels of information customers now expect can be a difficulty.


With the deregulation of markets driving competition, it is vital to provide the best possible response to your customers. SensorCIS can introduce a modern edge through greater insight and reporting.


Our SensorCIS platform is being used by utilities to track meters, track readings, generate bills, manage work being done, compare usage from customer to customer, generate comparison charts for customers, allow customers access self-service portals and more.


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