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Custom Developed Payment System for PINERGY – Ultan Technologies

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Ultan Technologies, the main software development supplier for PINERGY, completes custom developed payment system for PINERGY. Working with MasterCard’s Simplify Commerce payment integration facility to enhance the overall functionality of the energy supplier’s customer management system. Custom Developed Payment System for PINERGYMasterCard

Ultan Technologies is a trusted lead supplier of large, complex, secure and business-critical software systems across a number of different sectors and for a wide range of organisations.  It has a huge amount of experience in creating efficient and cost-effective business solutions that work, including PINERGY’s complex payment and smart meter systems where security and control play a vital role.  This is an integrated custom developed payment system that provides functionality allowing consumers to pay for their electricity in advance and increases the control consumers have over their energy usage.

Ultan Technologies’ expertise in Payment Software enabled them to quickly understand the MasterCard APIs and allowed them to architect, design, develop and test a solution that works remarkably well with these APIs as well as with PINERGY’s Smart Electricity Meters. Ultan Technologies CEO Cathal Brady comments, “We developed the site very, very quickly and the payments part was up and running seamlessly. The very first payment we put through worked without any issues.”

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Ultan Technologies developed functionality to allow payments to be accepted on Pinergy’s website, their mobile Apps, through “payment by text” and through automatic payments when a meter’s balance is low or on dates specified by PINERGY’s customers.
The Dublin software development company continues to create customised software solutions for PINERGY that will further improve its operations and enhance the total customer experience. Look at our Software Development page for more.

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