Case Studies

How a Centralised Data Collection System Helped Improve Business for Kelly Group






  • Streamlined processes and customised system to meet business needs
  • Improved reporting capabilities allowing senior management great real-time overview and instant access to several drill-down reports for managing projects and overseeing the entire business.



With a large mobile workforce working on lots of rail, metro and highway sites on many projects spread across a very large area, the Kelly Group found itself beset with huge difficulties in keeping all stakeholders – senior management, project managers, the commercial team, the customer, the regulatory authorities, admin staff and the on-site workforce – up-to-date with the information they required. For example, they had problems getting the answers to questions like these:


  • On-Site Foreman: What sites and work is my team assigned to today?
  • Project Manager: Is work on schedule? What time did the on-site team start and finish on this site today?
  • Commercial Team: What costs have been incurred today? Are we within margin?
  • Health & Safety Officer: Has there been a serious incident on any site? Have risks been assessed? Are there any serious risks? What info do we provide to the customer?
  • Customer, Operations Director: Is work on schedule? Is it within budget? What is the cost of change requests? Why has worked stopped on this site: was there a serious incident? Was there a problem getting access, etc.?

In order to cope, a mish-mash of systems and processes (paper forms, Excel spreadsheets, an online tool for uploading photographs, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc.) had built up over time to try to solve the problems but was creaking under the strain and would soon break. A large central admin staff were required to gather and co-ordinate the information on paper forms and Excel spreadsheets.


Ultan Technologies worked with the Kelly Group to understand their business and determine their requirements. We helped them streamline their business processes and then designed and built the KWPS system around the new processes to solve their problems.

  • A single integrated system to gather and supply all the required information to all stakeholders including the customer
  • A custom tablet application is used by the on-site workforce
  • A cloud-hosted web app is available to all users
  • The on-site workforce uses tablets to find out what sites and work they are assigned and to enter information and take photographs
  • All data entered on-site via tablet is submitted and available to all relevant system users as soon as a 3G data connection is available
  • Risk assessments, red alerts, daily site reports, work done, costs incurred, change requests are available in real-time
  • Geo and time tagged reports of work done, safety hazards, problems and necessary work changes including start and finish times and photographic evidence is available in real-time

Value to the Kelly Group

The streamlined processes and the tailored KWPS system aligned directly with the Kelly Group goal to target efficiency improvements in order to implement the most cost-effective solutions.  This meant:


  • Less time spent on preparing reports since the customer, the commercial team, project managers, senior management have instant access to the latest progress on each site on each project in real-time
  • Better control of margin since information on costs and margins – to-date and remaining – are available in real-time
  • More repeat business since customers are happier because they can get up-to-date information on progress, costs, change requests and issues on-demand
  • Gives the Kelly Group an edge when looking for new business because of efficiency and cost-effectiveness improvements