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How the Kelly Group Saved £375k Per Annum with mWorkerCIS


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“The system has allowed us to integrate a single Job Management & Scheduling system for our mobile workers. It significantly reduced risk on site, allowed instant remote access to job management by our mobile work force, improved management reporting, our project visibility enhanced and our ‘customer service’ improved significantly.”


  • Increased Control Over Margins: Up to date cost information is available in real time
  • Better Customer Service: Provide customers with the latest progress, change and issue reports
  • USP Over Competitors: By assigning customers with unique log-ins to view updates, Kelly’s provides customers with piece of mind, showcasing them as a transparent and ethical business
  • Reduction In Admin: More efficient scheduling and assigning of jobs


The Kelly Group required a system which would allow them to track and assign jobs to their 2,500 field employees as well as track their fleet of 1,600 vehicles across rail, metro and highway. Their situation presented certain challenges. A single, mobile, integrated system which gathers and supplies all required information to all stakeholders including the customer.

  • Incomplete Reporting: Kelly’s used various systems and processes such as paper forms, tools for uploading photographs and mobile phones, to deal with a vast amount of information from different sources; critical data was often lost, incomplete or inaccurate.
  • Poor Stakeholder Communication: They struggled to get answers to questions regarding tasks assigned, schedules, costs, and incident and risk assessment reports. Moreover, they found it difficult to provide the customer with this important information.
  • Wasted Resources: Field workers would call the office every morning to find out what jobs were assigned to them before finding their own way to the job, filling out a series of paper forms and finally, manually returning them by hand to the office; a very time and cost consuming task.

Solution: mWorkerCIS

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A single, mobile, integrated system which gathers and supplies all required information to all stakeholders including the customer.

• Forms are created in the back office and are then assigned to field workers to complete with the mobile app.
• These customisable forms allow mobile workers to capture photographs, videos, voice memos, signatures as well as basic data entry.
• Once forms such as risk assessments, red alerts, daily site reports and costs incurred are complete, they are instantly available to management.

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